What is WishCoin?

WishCoin is an online Bitcoin converter that combines simplicity and fun. It was launched in 2015, and it primarily focuses on providing the up-to-date market value of Bitcoin against select fiat currencies.


How does WishCoin work?

You input the BTC amount in the field on the left then watch it get instantly converted to your chosen fiat currency. Once converted, you can discover the different ways you can enjoy that amount, and later share your wish with your friends on Facebook.


Can I convert USD to BTC?

Currently, WishCoin functions as a one-way, BTC-to-fiat converter only.


From which source are the price data used by WishCoin?

WishCoin uses the real-time data provided by BitPay.


What are the supported fiat currencies?

There are four fiat currencies supported on this website, and they are USD, EUR, GBP, and CNY.


Can I also convert other digital currencies to USD?

WishCoin is focused on converting Bitcoin only. All amounts entered in the BTC field should be in the form of BTC. For example, if you want to convert 50 mBTC, you need to enter 0.05 BTC.


Can I exchange BTC for real-money on this website?

No, you can’t. WishCoin is NOT an online exchange, but it functions as an online Bitcoin converter to provide you with spot-on value of your BTC in USD and other currencies.


Am I required to share the images on Facebook?

You can convert BTC as many times as you want. However, in order to enjoy unlimited conversions, you are required to share at least one wish on Facebook per day. Once you have reached the daily limit of three (3) wishes per day, you will be automatically asked to share the third wish on Facebook.


What are the different wish categories I can choose from?

You can choose from a total of six (6) categories: Date, Drink, Eat, Live in, Ride, and Visit.


Does WishCoin collect personal data?

We don’t collect personal data from our customers, but be informed that logging in to your Facebook account is necessary in order to share your wish and to continue using our services.


Will more fiat currencies be supported?

We are currently looking at the possibilities of including other fiat currencies from regions that are showing an increasing demand for Bitcoin.


Is it mobile-friendly?

This website is also designed to function smoothly on smartphones and tablets.